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Travel Employment Agency (TEA) is a full service placement service that has worked exclusively with the travel industry for over 32 years.  Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sherry Caserta and I am the owner of Travel Employment Agency (TEA).  My own career history prior to owning the company was in both retail and incentive travel.  I understand the mechanisms of travel, the jargon and what it takes to be proficient in the field.  This fact has always made us a cut above other recruiters.

TEA was started in 1982 and serviced the Minneapolis/St. Paul market.  In 1995 I purchased the company and continued to service the same market.  In 1997 TEA was introduced to the nation via the Internet and began servicing the country.  Growth has not changed our basic philosophy, quality, communication and professional results.    

TEA provides a step-by-step process to make the most efficient use of your time.  We will make all of the necessary adjustments to work within the perimeters of your schedule.


  • Email your job description to sherry@travelemployment.com and we will contact you will additional questions.
  • Your job will then be posted on our web site and emailed to the correct audience from our database (these are all travel industry professionals who are signed up as both active and passive job seekers
  •  Based upon your required qualifications we will email resumes for your inspection.  Within the correspondence we will include: career history, reference information and compensation requirements.
  • Take time to review all of the resumes 
  •  Let us know which candidates that you are interested in and what is the best time for you to interview
  • We will arrange everything.
  • After the interview we will contact both you and the candidate for a follow-up.  It is essential that we understand your impression of a candidate.  It allows us to understand your company and offer the "right" employee for your needs.
  • If you wish to make an offer we will assist with negotiations. 
  • If you are not interested we will communicate that information to the candidate.in a tactful manner

All of the above mentioned services are done free of charge.  We do not bill you until a positive hire has occurred.  If we are unable to find the right person for you then you pay nothing.  This is a win-win situation for you.

  1. Send us a job description and salary range
  2. Travel Employment Agency will post it free on our web site
  3. Travel Employment Agency will send out a newsletter highlighting your job, free to candidates in your area
  4. Travel Employment Agency will send you resumes free to examine, with a career history and salary requirement
  5. Travel Employment Agency will arrange the interview free for your convenience
  6. Once you have found the right person for the position we will then bill you a one-time flat fee with a guarantee.


If you are interested in a copy of our fee schedule please email to

Or call  me direct at 816 550-3800 

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